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Approved Driving Instructor Standards -

From April 2014 a process has been in use by which the Driver Vehicle Services Agency monitors and checks the standards of instruction given to clients by Approved Driving Instructors.

When the Driving Standards Agency and the Vehicle Operator Services Agency merged early in 2014 the DVSA was formed and the Standards Check came into force shortly after, the new system grades Instructors when they take the standards check and Grades A. B. or Fail would be recorded on that perforrmance.

Before the new standards check came into force the DSA would have performed a check test to ensure the instructor's abilities and he/she would have gained a grade in the old format of between Grade 1 to 6,   most instructor's would have been in the region of a Grade 4, Grade 5 being more competant and Grade 6 being the highest mark obtainable. Instructor's of Grade 4, 5 and 6 would have been issued with a green Approved Driving Instructors licence, trainee Instructors would have been issued a pink trainee licence until they had passed  the required 3 instructor tests so as to gain full Approved Driving Instructor status.

Since April 2014, Instructors can now gain a Grade A if their performance on the new standards check is marked between 43-51, a Grade B is where the majority of Instructors will be with a mark of between 31-42,  below this mark a Fail would be recorded and if the Instructor wished to remain on the Instructors register so as to be able to work he/she would have to take and pass a further test to gain the ability to legally Instruct.

Below is a graphic to show the differences between the old and new standards systems, Along with being a DIAmond Advanced Motorist,  Ardent  currently holds a Grade A with a mark of 48 out of the maximum 51

Ardent Driving School 01256862861  Grade A

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