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  Driving licence requirements for pupils seeking lessons -

Before allowing a pupil to drive the school vehicle on the road, an Instructor has to check that you are legally allowed to drive.

He/she will need to have proof that you have the correct driving licence entitlements to drive on a U.K. road.

Although the current photo card would be proof of ID, the Instructor would need to see that
there are no disqualifications or penalty points that would prohibit the pupil from driving.

The D.V.L.A have provided an on-line enquiry service to provide amongst others,
prospective driving school pupils with the means to prove entitlement to the Driving Instructor.

Prospective pupils who access this service can obtain a check code to pass on to their Instructor.

The Web Address for this service is -

This is a direct link to the service page

(If the correct data is entered onto this page this will allow a prospective pupil to
provide their instructor with a generated "Share Your Driving licence" check Code)

To use this page you will need to provide -

Your Driving Licence Number

Your National Insurance Number

Your Post Code


Once a pupil has a generated check code, pupils seeking lessons can then provide the driving Instructor with the
"Share your driving licence" check code and the last 8 digits of their 16 digit  licence number so that the
driving school would be able to check their current legal status prior to starting lessons.
Please also Include the 2 digit Issue number as well so the issue can be verified.

(Location of data required on a Provisional Licence)

Once this information has been checked and a pupils entitlement is proven then lessons on the road would be able to continue.
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