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The Practical Driving Test

Lasts around 38 to 40 Minutes in duration and typically around 6 miles in lengthBelow is a Video to demonstrate a practical test 

If your attending test with your driving instructor be sure to bring the required documents along (see below) as the test cannot take place unless these are produced, you should arrive around 10 minutes prior to test time, normally Ardent driving school offer a 1 hour pre-test lesson to give the pupil a chance to settle their nerves and practise the manoeuvres and some test routes .

Once in the test centre the examiner will call your name, check your licence, ask you to sign the test sheet and ask you to read a number plate at the required distance before entering the car,  Before driving off from the test centre the examiner will ask a safety / maintenance question and he/she will also ask a safety question during the driving part of the test.  

  Have a look at the full list of Questions via the Maintenance Questions Link or
have a look at the dash board lights and controls ?

Documents required for test Include :

UK Photo-Card Licence

(and preferably Test appointment confirmation)

Wondering what the current test is like ?   Check out the test video



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Notes -

Please ensure you have the Instructors agreement to book your test if you intend to take the test in the Driving School car and remember to retain confirmation of your booking to show to your Instructor

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