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Terms  & Conditions -

The agreement to provide training given by Ardent Driving School
to pupils taking driving
lessons is subject to the following conditions :

  1. The pupil must produce a valid driving licence which is suitable to allow them to drive a motor car (Cat B) on a UK road, This includes a share your licence check code and and their licence number and issue number which must be conveyed to the driving school at least 24 hours prior to the first driving lesson (and before driving the school vehicle) so the instructor can check a prospective pupils eligibility to drive on a U.K. road.
  2. Pupils must be able to read a U.K. Number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres or more (with glasses or contact lenses if legally required) prior to driving the tuition vehicle on first lesson.
  3. Pupils must inform their Instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their licence or receive a driving ban during the period they are receiving driver training from Ardent Driving School.
  4. Pupils must inform the Instructor if during the training period they are declared medically unfit to drive by a qualified doctor or by the DVLA.
  5. The Instructor will provide a modern properly maintained, presentable dual controlled vehicle for your driving lessons and test.
  6. The Instructor will provide for learner drivers, professional driver training following the DVSA syllabus which will be tailored to the pupils learning needs and give relevant feedback to the pupil during the course of the lesson and will record the pupils training progress on a pupil training record*.
  7. The Instructor will monitor the pupils progress throughout training, advise and recommend what is in his opinion, the appropriate time to take a practical test (a mock test will be offered if required to clarify the pupils current ability). Once it has been agreed between the pupil and the instructor, then the practical driving test should be booked, but if necessary, they will advise whether it should be subsequently rescheduled.
  8. Pick up/drop off points for lessons/test appointments are normally within a 6 mile radius of the driving school's home location unless otherwise agreed with the instructor prior to lesson/test appointment time.
  9. A single lesson is 60 minutes in duration, a one and a half lesson is 90 minutes in duration and a double lesson is 2 hours in duration. Test appointments are normally 2.5 hours in duration and include a 1 hour pre-test lesson, Pick up for the pupil would be from the pupils address/workplace/college provided this pick up point is as described above in clause 8 to the test centre area and test centre itself unless otherwise previously agreed between the Instructor and  the pupil prior to the pupils test date. This appointment also Includes returning the pupil to an agreed drop off location post test.
  10. There are two types of block booking offers available, The first of which consist of 10 x 1 hour lessons or 5 x 2 hours lessons or a mixture of the above, The first hour would be free of charge if this block booking is purchased, this offer hereafter is referred to as  a "buy 10 hours get 1 free hour discount" package. The second block booking offer "buy 20 hours get 3 hours free discount " block booking package consists of 20 x 1 hour or 10 x 2 hour lessons or a mixture of the above, the free hours would be the first, second and third hour, in both the above cases full payment for block bookings must be paid in full to Ardent Driving School before the relevant discount hours can be given and with both types of block booking the hours must be used within 6 months from the date of purchasing the block booking concerned or at the schools discretion.
  11. The "£10.00 for the 1st hour intro'" offer is subject to change at the discretion of Ardent driving school at short notice. it is a  " stand - alone " offers and is only available to new pupils and is separate from the above block booking discount packages, however to clarify, if a pupil buys a "buy 10 hours get 1 free hour discount" block booking package or the "buy 20 hours get 3 hours free discount " package for example, then both of these block booking packages would apply after the "10.00 for the 1st hour intro" offer has been taken.
  12. In the case of the "introduce a friend get one free lesson yourself" discount - The new pupil i.e. the friend must complete at least 2 lessons (i.e. 2 x single lessons or 1 double lesson) of tuition offered by the Instructor before the discount of 1 free hour can be given to the introducing pupil, also the introducing pupil must be on Ardent driving schools books as a pupil receiving tuition at the time of Introduction of the new pupil. This offer is subject to lesson availability.
  13. The Instructor will provide the pupil with driving tuition at the rate per hour which has been agreed with them.  Payment for tuition must be made in advance for block bookings (i.e "buy 10 hours get 1 free hour discount" or " buy 20 hours get 3 hours free discount " packages)  or to the Instructor at the beginning of each separate "pay - as - you - go" single 60 minute lesson, 90 minute one/half  lesson or 120 minute double lesson or driving test appointment by cash or cheque or BACS by arrangement.
  14. Once the rate per hour for tuition has been agreed with the pupil, The pupil will be charged that rate per hour until a test pass has been achieved (provided a test pass is within a maximum of 12 months from the pupils induction date, where upon the rate may be re-negotiated) or the pupil ends training with the school.
  15. Matters concerning the timing, location and duration of individual lessons are subject to agreement between the Instructor and the pupil. Any lessons offered to a particular pupil must be confirmed as booked by that pupil with the Instructor within a 4 hour time frame of the Instructor first offering the lesson or the Instructor reserves the right to offer the above offered lesson to other pupils.
  16. In the event of mechanical breakdown, Instructor Illness, severe weather conditions or other difficulties outside the control of the Instructor, the Instructor reserves the right to rearrange lessons at short notice.
  17. The pupil must only make lesson cancellations directly with the Instructor.  24 hours notice must be given, otherwise the pupil will be liable for the full tuition fee for the missed lesson subject to the Instructors discretion. If the Instructor is unable to provide the lesson at the agreed time within reason other than reasons given in clause 16. a compensation of 1 free one hour lesson will be offered.
  18. The Instructor reserves the right to refuse to proceed with a lesson or supply the training car for test if he has reason to believe that the pupil is in any way under the influence of alcoholic drink or drugs or is unfit to drive at the time of the lesson or test.
  19. The Instructor will accept no responsibility for accidents, injury or damage to any third party caused by the pupils negligence or recklessness during a lesson.
  20. The school has HD dash cameras fitted in the car for training and Insurance purposes only, the audio is switched off and the video captured is from the front and rear exterior of the vehicle, there is no video or audio capture from within the vehicle. Pupils are asked  to confirm to the instructor that he has their permission to have the dash cameras operating during lessons on the pupils first lesson, if permission is not given the cameras would be switched off during the duration of any of that particular pupils lessons. any footage captured is on a rolling basis and is re-written after the camera's memory card reaches its limits, if any Legal/insurance issues arise then that particular footage would be retained for insurance purposes or given to law enforcement agencies if required.
  21. The personal details of pupils are confidential and will not be passed on to any other party with the exception of law enforcement agencies, third parties paying for pupils tuition and insurance agencies in the event of a claim or for purposes of insuring the pupil, The pupil would be informed if this was the case.
  22.  All individual pupil's personal data (other than contact numbers for reasons regarding communication with pupils) is held only on hard copy (paper)* files and are available to each pupil to view their own file on request.
  23. Full details for Customer Services Enquiries and the Instructor/Driving School contact details are available to the pupil on the first lesson.
  24. The Instructor has agreed to abide with the DVSA and DIA Codes of Practice.  The Instructor and the school are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.
  25. The Instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the driving school vehicle for the practical driving test, if in the Instructors professional opinion the pupil has not reached a sufficient standard of competence to take full responsibility for the safety of the driving school car and/or other road users.
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