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The Theory Test

Preparation -

The theory test is taken in two parts, The first part is a multiple choice question & answer test while the second part is a hazard perception test.

To be fully prepared for both parts of the test, candidates should have thorough knowledge of the above subject matter prior to booking the test, The DVSA recommend that study books such as " The Highway Code",  "The Theory Test", "Know your Traffic Signs" and " Driving -The Essential Skills" as well as other research books from the DVSA's "Driving Skills" series are used for study.

These learning materials are available from "The Stationary Office", Other commercial literature is also available from other suppliers via high street shops and on-line businesses.

For the hazard perception test & the multiple choice test there are DVD/CD's commercially available and the The Stationary Office now have PDF downloads which is another good source of study material.

To view where to obtain the above Media why not visit the website of the "The Stationary Office"  -

   Click Here

For more general Information take a look at :

DVSA  - Safe Driving for Life

To Book a Theory Test -

To Book a test why not visit our Useful Links page or  Click Here, alternatively contact the DVSA Bookings centre by phone or book by post, Remember to retain confirmation of your booking to show to your Instructor.

The Theory Test procedure -

When you arrive for test try to be on time, usually 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment is best as it gives you time to get used to the surroundings and gives you time to prepare for the test, Present the required documents to the DVSA staff at reception who will guide you through the process and present you to the computer that you will conduct the test on in the examination room.

The multiple choice and answer part of the theory test is delivered using a touch screen computer, while the hazard perception component use a computer mouse in addition to record your responses to the video that you will see on screen. Bear in mind the questions you will be asked are specifically for driving a motor car as there are other categories for other types of vehicle.

For the hazard awareness component of the theory test the version used is the same for all vehicles although the pass marking procedure is different for different categories of test.

You must pass both parts of the test or a fail will be recorded as the result.

For the multiple choice part for a car theory test the pass mark is : 43 out of 50

For the hazard perception part of the car theory test the pass mark is : 44 out of 75

After you have completed the test (both parts) you then leave the examination room, you should return to the reception area where the DVSA staff wiil let you know the results of your test, if you pass you will receive a Theory Test pass Certificate.

Check out the video below for more Info'  on the HPT-

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